How Much is My Home Worth in Mordialloc?

The median price for a house in Mordialloc is $964,000 as of March 27, 2020. A median-priced unit is $605,000. There have been 75 houses and 103 units sold this year. The average annual capital growth for houses is 6.14% and units is 4.36%. The 12-month capital growth is 9.89% on houses and -2.14% for units. The Demand to Supply Ratio or DSR rating has houses as good and units or apartments as above average. There is currently more demand than supply. Vendors are usually getting the price they are asking for. As an investment expect the capital growth to trend ahead of the national average. It takes on average 92 days to sell a house and 81 days to sell a unit.
House prices and rent returns in Mordialloc.

  • 2 bedroom home $780,000 Rent per week $420
  • 3 bedroom home $944,000 Rent per week $530
  • 4 bedroom home $1,165,000 Rent per week $620

Unit prices and rent returns in Mordialloc.

  • 1 bedroom unit $395,000 Rent per week $308
  • 2 bedroom unit $601,000 Rent per week $400
  • 3 bedroom unit $765,000 Rent per week $570

The gross rental yield for houses is 2.86% and for units, it is 3.54%

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Lifestyle in Mordialloc
Located in the south-east and just 24 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. The population at the last Census recorded 8166 residents. The eastern border touches on Port Phillip Bay. Neighbouring suburbs include Parkdale, Braeside and Aspendale. There is the Modialloc train station that runs on the Frankston line. Central to Mordialloc is the Woodlands Golf Club.

Schools in Mordialloc
There are 4 schools in Mordialloc.

  • St Brigid’s School Co-educational
  • Mordialloc Beach Primary School Co-educational
  • Mordialloc College Co-educational
  • Parkdale Secondary College Co-educational

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