Tips on how to create a great atmosphere

Tips On How To Create A Great Atmosphere

Presentation combined with the right atmosphere will set the scene for that feeling when the property “just feels right”, regardless of all the practical reasons why a buyer actually likes the property. The sense of smell is a powerful one and the aroma of freshly baked bread, recently brewed coffee and a freshly baked cake will conjure up a feeling of warmth and comfort. These familiar aromas will also play an equally important role in neutralising unpleasant scents and pet odours.

Tip #1
Display vases of fresh flowers,
especially in an entrance or in the
main living area.

Tip #2
Play soft, perhaps classical,
background music. If it’s a cold winter’s
day and you have one, light a cosy
open fire or have a heater on to warm
the house. Alternatively, have a cooler
on in the hot summer months.

Tip #3
Make up beds and borrow extra
cushions, if you can, to add a little
extra style.

Tip #4
Relocate pets.
If you have pets arrange for someone
to look after them for the day and
ensure there are no animal droppings
left behind.

Tip #5
Wash and store dishes away,
clean bench tops and pack away
children’s toys.

Tip #6
Light and bright.
Optimise natural light by opening
curtains and blinds; turn on lights
in dark rooms and passage ways.

Tip #7
Plan to mow and edge the lawns a
couple of days before auction day as
potential buyers will more than likely
drive by prior to the big day.

Tip #8
Neighbouring homes.
Where possible, ensure the
surrounding properties are well
presented and offer to mow your
neighbour’s lawn if necessary.

Tip #9
Sweep up.
Remove any weeds or rubbish
from the nature strip, footpaths
and the surrounding street.

Tip #10
Boost numbers.
Invite friends and family along for the
auction to help create atmosphere.

Tip #11
Keep dirt outside.
To help keep floors clean, place mats
at all external doors and additional
mats if it’s raining.

Tip #12
Hide valuables.
We recommend you place valuables
safely away.

Tip #13
Move cars.
To create the illusion of space and
provide additional parking, relocate
any cars from your driveway prior
to the open for inspection.

Tip #14
Climate control.
Depending on the weather, heat
your house in the winter months and
alternatively cool in summer—an
inspection needs to be comfortable
for all potential buyers. Also remember
to open all curtains and blinds and
windows for natural light and fresh air.