How to make a first impression great

Tips To Make A First Impression Great

Tip #1
The entrance.
Create a ‘wow’ factor entrance and decorate the front garden with pot plants and garden furniture. Loan or borrow additional furniture if required.

Tip #2
The garden.
Weed and mulch the garden beds and consider adding a splash of colour to garden beds and any pot plants. Also prune trees or shrubs close to the property to help with natural light.

Tip #3
Interior furniture.
Less is best. Store excess furniture to ensure rooms appear as spacious as possible.

Tip #4
General tidy up.
Remove rubbish from the exterior of the house, ensure pool is pristine and fences are in order. Also think about removing any items that might look uninviting.

Tip #5
Inside the house.
Repair and paint where necessary, clean walls, floors and windows, steam clean carpets and make some running repair to items such as dripping taps, sticking doors and drawers – this is the sort of thing that prospective buyers will notice.

Tip #6
Remove clutter.
Remove all unnecessary articles from cupboards, as prospective clients will look inside cupboards.