OBrien Bentleigh Redefines Real Estate Office Space with Innovative Design Concept

OBrien Bentleigh is delighted to introduce its new office space, poised to create a benchmark for contemporary workplaces. This innovative design embodies a peaceful and collaborative atmosphere, with a primary focus on fostering meaningful client interactions.

“We embarked on a journey to create an office that not only redefines standards but also fosters an atmosphere of tranquillity and client-centred engagement,” said OBrien Bentleigh Director, Max Martinucci. “As the doors of the new OBrien Bentleigh office open, clients and visitors will be welcomed into a space that embodies innovation, sophistication, and a deep appreciation for the built environment. It’s a space where enduring first impressions are made, and where time spent is genuinely enjoyed.”

At the heart of the design lies an exquisite combination of materials: blackbutt engineered flooring, black marble, and blackbutt veneer grace the reception desk and cabinetry. The focal point is a captivating Japanese mosaic accented with black laminate. The incorporation of native timbers adds a uniquely Australian flavour.

Kirsten Grant and Bela Vasilie served as the imaginative forces driving this collaboration. KG Concepts, specializing in architectural design, and Double Complete, experts in property styling, encapsulated their concept in the following words: ” Our inspiration for this small project was drawn from a statement by the renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando, who eloquently described a tea house as a ‘ universe in an enclosed, very small space.’ Our understanding of this concept guided us to blend the spirit of a Japanese tea house with the practicality of a design consultancy studio.” 

The result is an office that transcends traditional boundaries to create an environment that is both inviting and inspiring. The concept of a Japanese tea house underscores the sense of calm and mindfulness that permeates the space, while the design studio element ensures functionality and purpose.

Thank you to our design partners