OBrien Real Estate Continues to Grow in Regional Victoria

The OBrien Network shows no signs of slowing its growth and expansion, with Regional Director Peter Clark proudly announcing the opening of another two offices in regional Victoria.

Our Torquay office, a start-up office opened its doors during October 2022 with a raft of experience at the helm. Experienced local agent Nick Kearsey along with industry expert Cameron Edgoose combine to make an elite team with both local knowledge and networks, along with strong inner Melbourne connections and clientele.

Cameron described the link between the Melbourne and Torquay markets as strong as ever, with many people either now looking to reside and commute from the beach-side town or utilise the easy commute for their weekender, holiday retreats. Cameron’s years of experience and vast Melbourne network was already paying dividends with the ability to cross-promote and understand the new wave of clients looking to purchase in Torquay.

Mr Kearsey stated, “the decision to start up under the OBrien Network was an easy one. Their speed of delivery, unwavering standards and relentless pursuit for the growth of its members, their teams, staff and their clients was undeniable. I have not met a group more passionate about developing their teams, to ensure class-leading service and results for their clients.

Following on from the Torquay opening, OBrien Real Estate has also welcomed the somewhat nostalgic opening of Alexandra. Director Renee Ward has re-branded her office from an independent to OBrien as of December 1st, 2022. Although this is the first time an OBrien office has occurred in Alexandra, the OBrien name is very familiar, being its co-founder and Corporate Director of the network Dean O’Brien, long-time family hometown.

Owner and Director of the Alexandra office Renee has known Dean O’Brien and had an affiliation with the Network for some time. Renee said “I am excited to align with a network that not only has such rich ties to this area, but the support it offers as a director of a small business, the systems, the tech, the training and genuine sharing nature of the network is so exciting. It will not only enable our team to offer a better experience for our clients but help us stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing market.”

A very warm welcome to our offices at Torquay and Alexandra. If you’d like to contact our team you can reach them below.

104a Grant Street Alexandra VIC
03 5772 1774

Shop 9, 12 Gilbert St, Torquay VIC 3228
03 5292 1993