Quick And Practical Non-Design Tips For A Functional Interior

A thoughtfully planned, functional, and practical home is every person’s dream! Unfortunately, achieving the layout and interior design you’ve always longed for isn’t as easy as it sounds, and it can often interfere with functionality. If you ever feel like your household’s lack of practicality is making things hard for you, check out these quick tips and start implementing them one by one.


It all starts with decluttering! Messy homes aren’t functional, so before putting the other tips into action, ensure that you’ve cleaned all the items, clothing, furniture that you don’t need, and stored it somewhere safe. Next, craft a cleaning schedule and stick to it as much as possible.

Remove all the clutter from every room in the house and pack it into boxes. This will free up plenty of space around the house, help you find things faster and boost your practicality. Considering that most of us don’t have the amount of storage space we need, you should explore the options that will allow that extra room you need. One great idea is to invest in warehouse storage, while another is to consider getting home storage units.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Considering that most families struggle to find enough space in their homes to fulfil all their needs, you can increase functionally by using one room for several purposes. For example, using your home office as a part-time exercise room sounds like the best idea ever.

Creating multi-purpose spots won’t break your budget but will free up space for you to get everything you need from your home. Ever since the start of the pandemic, we’ve all been locked in our home offices, so why not share a corner of that space for your wellbeing?

Smart Technology

Investing in smart home technology can save you time, money, and change the way your home works. Thanks to the substantial recent tech advancements, you can control the entire household using your phone.

Start with updating your home electricals, so they’re compatible with smart devices. The next step is to research which devices will be the most beneficial for your household. Finally, grab your phone and get ready to make your life easier with the press of a button. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll invest in a robot vacuum, air conditioner, slow cooker, or speaker; all these tech appliances will be the robots you miss at home. Now you won’t have to get up each time you want to change the room temperature, adjust the cooking setting, or play your favourite songs.

Use The Outdoors

Considering that Australian weather is warm throughout the year, expanding the inside to the outside can make your interior more practical. So the moment you feel like your home is too crowded and you need a change in scenery, take out the table and chairs and enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

Your yard isn’t just a Sunday barbeque spot – it’s also a place where you can spend most of your free time and de-stress after a long day. Also, if you have limited storage at home and some things constantly get in your way, why not find them a spot outside?

Keep Things Where You’ll Use Them

Always store items very close to where you use them. For example, leave the kid toys in their room, the pans right above or below the stove, and the bathroom towels next to the sink. This little trick will prevent you from causing chaos in all the rooms and significantly improve the practicality.

Having everything within your reach can save you so much time and nerves. You’ll never have to cause a mess at home again looking for something because it will be right next to you.

Use Every Corner And Weird Spot

We all have those strange corners and awkward spots in our houses that we don’t know how to use and that are far from functional. Remember that you can find every single wall and room a purpose, especially an attic, basement, and laundry room.

For example, if you don’t use your attic and basement, grab all the things that get in your way and move them there. Or, you can also give these rooms a new purpose – for example, a home gym or office and make the other rooms comfier and more practical.

Don’t Hesitate To Remove Furniture

If there are pieces of furniture that are in your way or don’t serve the purpose you expected them to, don’t hesitate to move them or sell them. The pathway around your home should be clear, and you should be able to move around freely without any obstacles.

If there are chairs, tables, desks, or sofas in the way, your house won’t be as efficient, and it can feel overcrowded. Functionality is tightly intertwined with aesthetics, so the layout of your rooms should be well thought about, with clear traffic paths. On the other hand, not having enough furniture will make the home lifeless and empty, so try to find the perfect balance between too much and not enough.


A practical home is just steps away from your reach, but you have to be ready to implement changes! Start by decluttering the home and sticking to a cleaning schedule. Next, introduce smart devices to save you time, and remove all the furniture that gets in your way. Finally, use rooms for several purposes, get the best of your outdoor area by using it more often, and find a purpose for all the strange spots in your home.

Author – Renee