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5 Fun Furnishing Items For Your Home

Fun and novel household items
Rechargeable Pebble light
This Pebble Light is a minimalist decorative feature inspired by contemporary east-Asian style. It looks good even when it isn’t glowing in one of the thirteen colour choices! All you need to do is charge it up and you can put it indoors as a feature or outdoors in your garden. It’s a great feature for parties as it adds vibrancy to any space and is a great design piece to inspire you every day in your home.


  • Perfect for your home or garden
  • Comes with a remote control
  • 13 different colour settings
  • Cycle between the colours: flash, smooth, fade and strobe settings
  • Cost about $50. Comes with a charger.

2. Ice Bucket Table
Outdoor ice bucket table
3-in-1 Drinks Table-come-Cooler – cleverly contains an ice bucket

This attractive table is perfect for coffee and snacks. Then, when you pull up the top to reveal the steel ice bucket, you can enjoy cool and refreshing wine, beer and soft drinks without constant trips to the fridge. 44 cm in diameter, it adjusts between 56 cm and 95 cm in height. The plastic rattan-effect finish wipes clean and the bucket is easy to empty – just remove the plug for the melted ice to flow away.
Costs about $150

3. Firebox BBQ Pizza Oven
Firebox pizza oven
The high-grade stainless steel design ensures a quick heat up time, even heat distribution and maximum heat retention when cooking. Clean up is hassle-free with an easy wipe down. Equipped with carrying handles, the Firebox is easy to set up on the BBQ and convenient to store once you’re done.

Compatible with any gas or charcoal BBQs, use the portable Firebox Pizza Oven in the comfort of your own backyard or bring it along on picnics with the family.

The Firebox pizza over costs around $100.


4. Classic Motion Lava Lamp
motion lava lamp
It’s time to bring back the 60s with this classic pink and silver Peace Motion Lava Lamp. Watch the random pink blobs float around in the light pink liquid, changing shape and morphing into weird globules. Popular years ago, these retro lamps are making a massive come back.

Perfect for adding some extra-terrestrial space vibes to your bedroom. Normal lamps are just boring, get lavalicious with this Peace Motion Lava Lamp!


  • Old school lava lamp with brightly coloured blobs of magma!
  • Classic 90’s look and feel – Perfect for quirky bedrooms
  • Costs around $30

5. Wine Bottle Holder
Wine bottle holder
This item is so simple in design and practical. Great talking piece around the dinner table. Or when, you are sitting with friends in the living room. You can use your own imagination and design your own.

Prices for this item can vary from $8 to $60.