Kids backyard

How to Create a Kids Backyard

Great Ideas for Children’s Backyards

The average city-suburban block has gotten smaller over the years. Gone are the days of the quarter-acre block. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average size home has three bedrooms and the land measures 474 square metres. There are 6 million families in Australia. Families with children under the age of 15 represent 30.64% of this number. With this in mind, it would make sense to utilise the outdoor space you have that can accommodate all the family. If you want your children playing outside then create a space that will exercise both their mind and body. Here are some ideas on how to entertain your children and also make it inviting for their friends to come over and play.

Childrens backyard ideas
Building a sandpit is a simple task. All you need is a border and then you can fill it with sand. The ideal setting would be in the corner of the backyard or up against the fence. Introduce some shovels, rakes, buckets and assorted toys. Children love playing in the sand. They can sit there for hours and are easily entertained especially if they have a friend or sibling with them. If you really want to get creative you can add in some pvc pipes that they can talk through.

Chalk Board
Attach your chalkboard above the sandpit. Purchase some stencils and chalk in a variety of colour and let your child’s imagination grow. We would also suggest you create a cover for your sandpit.
Spider web swing
Spider Web Swings
If possible hang a spider web swing or nest swing from a tree branch or you can purchase this item that stands freely. The spider web swing has no hard edges and can hold more than one child. It is also comfortable and can act as a hammock.

Climbing Wall and Slide
The climbing wall coupled with a slide is a great way for your children to develop physically. Having a netted wall to climb that rewards the child with a slide once they reach the summit is a great idea.

Basketball Ring
Basketball is excellent for deloping hand to eye co-ordination. You can attach the ring to your climbing wall and as they grow you can increase the height.
Climbing wall and slide
These are 5 simple ideas that don’t require a large expense and don’t require much space. They will serve to add hours of entertainment and at the same time provide fitness whilst stimulating the child’s brain.