kids bedroom

How to Decorate your Kids Bedroom

Choosing the right colours and patterns for your child’s bedroom

Colours make a difference. Colours can affect our mood, none more so than that of a child. Picking the right colours can be an exciting project for you and your child. You don’t have to go with the one colour. Each wall can have its own colour variation. The ceiling can also be used to hang mobiles from.

The list below is taken from a study that indicates how colours affect a child’s mood.

Yellow: Already used as a gender-neutral colour, yellow is common in kids rooms and for good reasons. Softer shades of yellow are associated with warmth and happiness. Just be careful if you’re using bright shades, they can be overpowering and create agitation.

Orange: Is the colour of confidence, independence and extroversion, and because it’s a warm colour it also can be very relaxing. It’s a great option that will encourage your kids to become social.

Purple: If you want your kids growing up wise and creative, then purple is the selection for you. In the past, purple was a colour linked with royalty so it can also be a good colour to promote confidence.

Green: A natural Green, not surprisingly, is associated with the environment and therefore soothing for kids. Scientists also believe that this colour improves reading and comprehension skills. Just be careful with the shade you pick – some shades (like an avocado green) can be overwhelming if you use too much of it.

Add patterns to your child’s bedroom walls

Decorating kids bedroom
Now that you have selected your colours why not add some patterns. These patterns can be in the form of stick-on or an actual cut out that is fixed to the wall. See the sample image to get some ideas. As the child grows these patterns can be changed to reflect their maturity. Patterns can bring the bedroom to life. They can make the child feel a sense of happiness and security when they are in their room.

Hang mobiles from the ceiling

Depending on your child’s gender you can choose from a number of mobiles to hang from the ceiling. These mobiles can be interchangeable as the child grows. Mobiles let the child interact with their surroundings.

Decorating a child’s bedroom can provide a space where they feel comfortable. Sometimes you may need a break. By providing a bedroom that is warm and fun can help your child’s development grow. Also, your kid’s friends can come and enjoy the space which is great for social behaviour.